A holistic microclimate model

<WRAP left round important 60%> To use an existing license, this release requires a one-time automatic license key update for licensed users which needs administrative interaction. In a running project or class, it is recommended to allocate a free time slot for this process. Further information about the license conversion can be found [[http://www.envi-met.net/hg2e/documents/2019_How_to_convert_Licenses.pdf|here]] </WRAP> <WRAP left round box 60%> <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.5 (Summer 20)</fs> <fs x-large>Major updates</fs> == ENVI-core == * New calculation method for pressure solver -> Increased stability significantly, reduced simulation crashes (especially instabilites in the Air Temperature, Humidity or CO2 fields). Old pressure solver can still be enabled in ENVI-guide. * Improved NetCDF outputs: Missing Values, Valid Ranges, GridMapping were added to each variable, dimension variables are tagges as axis variables, 2d fields of UTM coordinates including rotation are added * Added a check for necessary NetCDF Microsoft libraries during initialisation of simulation == Other Apps == * BIO-met: Enabled the possibility to write NetCDF outputs * SPACES: Added the option to allow simple changes in vertical gridding even when using Detailed Mode (3D) and to delete existing ghost cells of model areas by reconverting to 2.5D * ForcingManager: ForcingManager can be started using parameter values to create Forcing File (grasshopper plugin support) * MONDE: Additional export options for INX conversion (vertical gridding etc.) <fs x-large>Bugfixes/ Changes</fs> == ENVI-core == * Bugfix DEM: Corrected waterspray units [ug/s] as input * Bugfix Radiation: Corrected shortwave radiation received on roofs * Bugfix: Wind field initialization == Other Apps == * BIO-met: Old singlecore Biomet Version 1.5 is not included anymore, users with an old Biomet license need to download it separately * SPACES: Bugfix: Fixed 3d view issue caused by trees * MONDE: Fixed OpenTopography import * MONDE: Builings in model areas featuring DEM don't have steps in the the roof anymore. Average height of DEM on built-up area is used to "elevate" buildings ---- <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.4 (Winter 19/20)</fs> <fs x-large>Major updates</fs> == ENVI-met == * Added Building Performance Simulation Forcing Outputs -> Text file outputs of previously specified Building Numbers that can be used as input for BPS models such as TRNSYS * Added the possibility to force precipitation using Full Forcing * Added a time estimation for the simulation finish as well as a progress bar to visualize the simulation progress * Added the ability of writing NetCDF output files directly through the simulation instead of converting them in postprocessing. NetCDF output files are produced for every hour but hold all data within a single file (no different files are created for atmosphere, buildings, surface, vegetation etc.). Building data needed to be splitted into fields holding either X, Y, or Z data. If simulation crashes during file writing when NetCDF outputs are activated, most likely there is a Microsoft Component missing: Please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-hk/download/confirmation.aspx?id=13523). * Added enhanced error messages to simplify the process of understanding and fixing issues * Added an additional EXE (envimet4_DEBUG.exe) to send automatically generated error messages to an ENVI-met bug report mail address (forum posts may refer to such a bug report mail) == Other Apps == * BIOmet: BIOmet 2.0 is parallelized and thus much faster (but needs the new license type delivered with beginning of version 4.4.3 and an internet connection for server communication) * SPACES: Added the option to allow simple changes in vertical gridding even when using Detailed Mode (3D) and to delete existing ghost cells of model areas by reconverting to 2.5D * ForcingManager: Added the possibility to force precipitation with FOX-files: when FOX-files are created from CSV the precipitation column must exist now (even if empty -> filled with 0) * ForcingManager: Added the possibility to create FOX files from TRY files in addition to EPW files * LEONARDO: Added the support of the temperature unit Fahrenheit <fs x-large>Bugfixes/ Changes</fs> == ENVI-met == * Bugfix DEM: Exposition, Inclination now calculated according to commonly used algorithms of GIS programs -> radiation values should be more accurate now due to correction of the lambert factor * Bugfix Radiation: Direct radiation values were indicated as horizontal but were not; now there are two output fields for direct radiation: on a horizontal surface and on a surface adapted to be perpendicular to the sun by lambert factor * Bugfix: Avoided the crash at simulation check with IVS and receptors * Bugfix: Corrected vertical gridding for Telescoping (old model areas could be gridded differently but more precisely with the new version) == Other Apps == * ForcingManager: Added a correction of wind speed if CSV or EPW/TRY files contain wind speeds of 0.1 m/s or below for a timestep -> the values are then corrected to 0.1 m/s to avoid simulation crashes * ForcingManager: Added the option to refresh the graphs in the data view of the forcing file (e.g. if zoomed in before) * FocingManager: Bugfix: Wind calculation for wind speed in 2500 m corrected (values were too high) * SPACES: Bugfix: Corrected vertical gridding for Telescoping (old model areas could be gridded differently but more precisely with the new version) * SPACES: Bugfix: No ghost cells if telescoping height starts below highest building (also due to the new vertical gridding) * SPACES: Bugfix: SingleWalls checkbox about follow terrain now works correctly * SPACES: Bugfix: Model area bounding box is now sized correctly * DBManager: Bugfix: Deleting Items sometimes caused an exception * DBManager: Bugfix: TrafficTools now allow FloatingPoint values * ENVIGuide: Added several features to the Output Settings in the Advanced Section by the options of writing NetCDF outputs additional to the ENVI-met output files, the option of Including the Nesting grids in output files, and the possibility to write Building Performance Simulation Forcing Outputs * ENVIGuide: Added handling of Threading in expert settings (allows the simulation window to be responsive all the time if activated) * ENVIGuide: Moved the option Adjust Minimum Flowsteps from expert settings to FullForcing settings and added the Force Precipitation option to the page * ENVIGuide: Bugfix: Changed that the short name will now be used as default SIMX name suggestion and the output folder now shows correct path where output will be stored * ENVIGuide: Removed specific information buttons (the information is always visible now) ---- <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.3</fs> <fs x-large>Major updates</fs> * ENVI-met: Added a new license system: **PCs need to be connected to the internet at start of a simulation**. [[http://www.envi-met.net/hg2e/documents/2019_How_to_convert_Licenses.pdf|Here]] are some **important information** about converting your license * ENVI-met: Increased performance due to datatype conversion of timestamps * ENVI-met: Fixed stability issues: less errors (especially for several simulations running parallel on 1 PC) -> eliminated canvas draw errors * ENVI-met: Bugfix Pollutants: now works correctly in parallel mode * ENVI-met: Bugfix Vertical SingleWalls: They got too cold since they did not receive any shortwave radiation * ENVI-met: Changed the filename structure of output files to be ordered chronologically -> YYYY-MM-DD_hh.mm.ss * ENVI-met: Added more location information to INX and EDX files for Nesting purposes of Winter release (UTM Zone, more accurate coordinates) * ENVI-met: Added remote license registration on multiple PCs <fs x-large>Bugfixes/ Changes</fs> * SPACES: Bugfix: If no building material available (e.g. from Monde export), the default ID is now 000000 instead of 000001 which did not exist * SPACES: Bugfix of 2.5D CutArea Tool: BuildingNrs and trees are now shifted correctly * SPACES: Bugfix: Plants or buildings were displayed one grid cell above ground in 3D * Monde: World location is now updated automatically if shapefiles are imported, location settings are saved more accurate in INX file (lower left corner of subarea) * Monde: Enhanced the postpressing tool for exporting model areas: Add specific SimplePlants on specific soil ID * LEONARDO: Bugfix SolarAccess: Can now be displayed again * LEONARDO: Export Map Layer now CSV as default, since Excel is not possible for model areas larger than around 250x250 gridcells * ENVIGuide: Small Bugfixes in Labels and Warnings (BackgroundConcentration, Sources, Timesteps) * ENVIGuide: Added possibility to adjust minimum flowstep in Advanced mode ---- <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.2</fs> <fs x-large>Major updates</fs> * ENVI-met: Increased the computational speed of the simulation * ENVI-met: User interface now stays responsive while simulation is running * ENVI-met: Added more precise error messages * ENVI-met: Added a console version * ENVI-met: Added a "silent mode" - ENVI-met and ENVI-met console can be started using parameters (Example: envimet4.exe ABSOLUTEPATHTOWORKSPACE PROJECTNAME SIMXFILE.SIMX) <fs x-large>Bugfixes/ Changes</fs> * SPACES: Fixed bugs where "ghost cells" appeared when building cells were deleted * SPACES: Preview of vegetation cells was shifted and not indicated correctly * SPACES: Gridding of buildings in detailed design mode featured a bug were y-walls would be missing * ENVI-met: Season calendar was corrupted for the winter half year * ENVI-met: Increased numerical stability when single cells were surrounded by buildings from all sides * ENVI-met: Wind output fields were corrupted (only outputs, no calculations), wind directions with negative U or V wind components (i.e. wind from north or east) were visualized incorrectly, all other parameters were not affected </WRAP>

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