A holistic microclimate model


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 +====== Init all Variables 3D ======
 +All variables except the wind speed will be calculated in the full [[3D model]] using the new wind field and using the initial conditions for the thermal stratification and surface temperatures. ​
 +===== Possible Problems & Solution =====
 +==== Missing Convergence in the Turbulent Kinetic Energy (TKE) field ====
 +Under extreme conditions, the model may fail to initialize the TKE field. \\
 +In this case check if the start conditions are realistic (surface temperatures,​ wind speed,..). \\
 +Check if the start time of the model is ok. The model should begin the simulation in the night or in the morning hours of the simulated day.
 +If nothing helps, let the model run and wait for the first output (even the PANIC DUMP). Open it in LEONARDO (it's a set of file like the normal output) and look where the problem is located. Normally the point of trouble is quite visible due to unrealistic high and/or low values.\\
 +Consider to modify this area slightly.\\
 +Sometimes it helps to change the inflow direction of the wind a few degrees. This does not actually effect the model results but might help in case of numerical problems.