LEONARDO 2014 (Beta)

This is an initial start page to link to the first documents available for LEONARDO. While LEONARDO 2014 will be a part of the up-to-come ENVI-met V4 package, it is also recommended for all useres of ENVI-met V3.1 to replace the old style LEONARDO 3.75.

While LEONARDO 2014 is basically designed to work with ENVI-met 4, it also works with files produced by ENVI-met 3.x.

Please note:

LEONARDO is the first application of the new ENVI-met system that jumps into life. It has full backward-compatibility to older LEONARD Versions and it will be forward compatible to future versions.

  • This is an extract from the ENVI-met V4 Preview. So the setup of the AddOn package will generate an ENVI-met V4 folder, but only some programs and data will be installed.
  • There will be frequent updates for LEONARDO. Keep an eye on this site.

Beta "E.T"

LEONARDO 2014 BETA Version E.T.. This is a work-in-progress BETA solving some issues from the Blade Runner Beta (see ENVI-met 4 Public Preview). It is considered as fully functional and can be used in daily work. However, there are still missing features and bugs. For a list of known bugs and unfinished features see here

Install LEONARDO 2014: LEONARDO 2014 belongs to the ENVI-met V4 version. An AddOn Package to upgrade V3.1 systems is available for download here

Release Notes:

  • 23rd Jan 2015 (E.T.): Urgent Bugfixes
  • 31st October 2014 (Blade Runner): Bugfixes
  • 10th July 2014 (War Games): Bugfixes, reworks and new scripting engine
  • 2nd May 2014 (La Boum): Solves a number of issues and bugs that came up in the last months
  • 16th Jan 2014 (St. Elmo's Fire) BUGFIX: XZ and YZ cuts did not work


There is not too much here for now, but some initial video tutorials as a teaser…

  • Video Tutorials | A collection of video tutorials about different things you can do with LEONARDO 2014
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