A holistic microclimate model


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 +====== Output Folders ======
 +**ENVI-met organises the output into different folders in order to keep the data structure more clear:**
 +\..\atmosphere: ​    Main Data Atmosphere ​ (_AT_...)
 +\..\soil: ​          Main Data Soil (_SO_)
 +\..\surface: ​       Main Data Surface/​Fluxes (_FX_)
 +\..\log: ​           Text Outputs from the Model (logs)
 +\..\receptors\..: ​  Data at the different receptors in the domain ​
 +                    (one folder for each receptor) ​
 +\..\inflow: ​        1D Profile at the inflow boundary
 +\..\BOTworld: ​      Data for the BOTworld model
 +If the output directory doesn'​t exist, ENVI-met will create it (if possible).\\
 +If this still not works, ENVI-met will write it to the ''​\output''​ sub folder of the models home directory. ​