A holistic microclimate model

====== ENVI-met SCIENCE Licenses in the scope of Corona outbreak ====== We all are aware that with the outbreak of the Corona Virus Covid-19 we are facing unknown situations that have no precedence before. Especially for educational institutions, the cancellation of on-site access to the universities and the shut-down of seminars and lectures impose a large barrier when it comes to the usage of licensed software. We, the ENVI-met Team, are aware that the application of numerical simulation tools such as ENVI-met has become a non-replacable part in education, from first term courses up to MSc or PhD thesis. In order to guarantee a continuous application of ENVI-met, regardless of the actual license state and accessibility, we have decided to provide a free unlimited SCIENCE license running up to the end of April 2020. Please download the License File below and unzip it. The registration process can then be carried out according to the instructions on "How to Install the License File" below. Your ENVI-met Team <WRAP left Download 80%> ^ File ^Link ^Release ^Comments ^ | **SCIENCE Key Valid until End of April **| [[http://envi-met.info/public/files/stable/V2_SCIENCE_Covid-19 Relief_16-03-2020.zip| Download License File]] | Mar 2020 | Public SCIENCE to allow work-at-home without questions asked. Download ZIP file to computer, unzip to a temporary folder and follow instructions: [[http://envi-met.info/public/instructions/ENVI_MET_How_to_register_SCIENCE.pdf|How to Install the License File]] | </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP>

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