A holistic microclimate model

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5. Main Section: Soils

For every grid in the area, a soil profile and surface material can be chosen individually.
There are two ways to provide this information:

Case A: Each grid in the domain has the same soil profile

In this case no individual information is needed for each single grid point.
A common soil is defined by placing the line \ALLSOILS=“ l”
(if all soils are supposed to be of the “ l” type or any other valid soil ID)

Case B: Grids have different soil profiles

In this case, a complete \SOILS section has to be used to provide this information.
Click here to see an example section

In both cases, the soil profiles are defined by a two-digit ID (like the vegetation).
All used IDs must be stored in the file PROFILS.DAT.
Invalid profile definitions will be replaced by the default soil profile, which is the first profile defined in PROFILS.DAT.
For more information about databases and their internal connections refer to Database Files Overview.

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