A holistic microclimate model


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-====== ​Biometeorology Setting ​Panel ====== +====== ​Sources Properties ​Panel ====== 
-Defines ​the basic settings for the [[PMV/PPD]] calculation.\\ +Displays ​the settings for the sources in the model. \\ 
-For more information see [[pmv|[PMV] Section]].+Please note, that all sources in the model are of the same type (component). 
 +{{ ::​sources_tab_small.jpg?​nolink |}} 
 +==== Additional Sources Def. in ==== 
 +Path to the local database containing additional sources definition for this simulation.\\ 
 +See [[localdb|[LOCALDB] Section]]. 
 +==== Name of Component/Type of Component/​Particle Diameter/​Density ==== 
 +Settings for the source as defined in the [[sources|[SOURCESSection]]. 
 +==== Update Interval Emission Rate ==== 
 +Time interval after which the emission rates of the sources are updated. \\ 
 +See [[sources|[SOURCES] Section]].